Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary: Wildlife Sanctuary In Orissa

Bhitarkanika National Park is located in Kendrapara district of the Indian state of Orissa. It was surrounded by Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary spread an area of 672 square kilometers. It is a home to several species of wild animals and countless birds. 

Mangrove species, casuarinas, and grasses like the indigo bush are known flora at this sanctuary. It was designed as a national park in 1988. The area of this sanctuary protected by the Ministry of Environment and Forest and Government of India.

Best Season To Visit Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary

The summer season hails from March to June. At this time, the days are hot that restrict the presence of fauna in morning and evening times. Winter stars from October to February. During this period, it offers pleasant climate and scenic atmosphere. The best season to explore the nature and attraction of Bhitarkanika park is in Summer and winter seasons. 

Flora & Fauna

Bhitarkanika Park is a home to saltwater crocodiles, India Pythans, black ibis, wild boar, rhesus monkey, chital, darter, cobra, and monitor lizard. monkeys – 1,522, jackals – 305, common langur – 39, otter – 38, sambar deer – 17, jungle cat – 11, fox – 10, Mongoose – 7, wolf- 7, fishing cats – 3, hyena – 12, 1,872 spotted deer, 1,213 numbers of wild boars have made forest areas as their homes. Eight species of King Fishers are founded at this place. 

Tourism and Attractions

The boat ride from Khola to Dangmal is the major tourist attraction in this sanctuary. Saltwater Crocodiles and various species of birds have attracted the visitors from all over India. Sightseeing is done on boat rides. The entrance of this forest is from Khola gate there is another gate known as Gupti gate. 

The tourism department of Bhitarkanika sanctuary shown little enthusiasm to allow the visitors. But later, Odisha tourist department displaying the nature and Fauna & Flora of Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary to the public for enjoying the enormous attractions this park. 


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