Dhanaulti Honeymoon Attractions Part II | Places To Visit In Dhanaulti Honeymoon

In the previous article, we discussed some of the Places To Visit In Dhanaulti during Honeymoon. Read on to know more about everything that you are looking for before planning your trip to Dhanaulti. 

Top Places To Visit In Dhanaulti: 

Aloo Khet:

Places To Visit In Dhanaulti Honeymoon

Aloo Khet is popularly known as Potato Farm. It is one of the major tourist attractions in Dhanaulti. It has gained popularity among tourists with its photogenic sunsets, pleasing surroundings, tranquility and unique beauty.  Especially Allo Khet impresses the nature lovers and shutterbugs. Uttarakhand Government is maintaining this farm. It produces abundant potatoes. These potatoes are export to several states in India. The idle time to visit the Potato Farm is from May to August. 

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Surkanda Devi Temple:

Another major tourist attraction in Dhanaulti is Surkanda Devi Temple. The temple is mostly engulfed with snow. If you plan your trip to Dhanaulti then add this temple to your wish list. It is among the 51 or 108 Sakti Peethas. The temple is situated at an altitude of 3,030 m. And it is situated amidst the dense forests and mighty ranges. The devotee’s throng to the temple during the auspicious festival Dusshera which is celebrated with a great enthusiasm between May and June. 


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