Dow Hill Of Kurseong One Of The Most Haunted Places In India

Kurseong is the famous tourist destination but it has a dark side too. The place is a delight to watch. In addition to the natural beauty, the place is considered as one of the Haunted Places In India. Are Ghosts Real?. Are the ghosts really exist?. The Dow Hill Of Kurseong is one of the haunted places in India. The place has experienced several paranormal activities. As per the local residing people, the ghosts exist in the Victoria Boys High School. The local people also said that they had experienced the ghostly sounds is from December To March. During this time of the year, the school remains shut.   

 Dow Hill Of Kurseong

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Kurseong the small hill station is about 30km from Darjeeling. It is also called as “Kharsang.” In Lepcha language ‘Kharsang’ means “Land Of White Orchids.” The place contains the pleasant weather throughout the year.  The best times to visit Kurseong is from March to May and from the end of August to October.

Mystery Behind Dow Hill Of Kurseong And Haunted Stories: 

The widespread story is the headless boy. The path between Dow Hill Road and the Forest Office is called as ‘Death Road.’ While going through this road some woodcutters had seen a young headless boy walking on the road and vanished into the trees. 

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Another extensive story about Dow Hill Of Kurseong is a woman with grey clothes has been seen many times in the forest. Moreover, the enthusiasts who don’t believe in exist of ghosts tried to follow her lost. However, they haven’t found alive. 

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