Incredible Train Journeys That Won’t Break Your Budget

If you are able to pay $ 1,000 per person per Night, You can find a vast number of ultra-luxury train journeys. Belmond and Golden Eagle train are the most famous excursion trains in Foreign countries. Those trains ran by Private operators. These trains offer many compartments with showers, Dining Car, along with elaborate Loung cars. But, a few long-trip trains are operated by companies. Those will run at least two days. In this page, we provide information about Incredible Train Journeys across the world. California Zephyr, VIA Rail, The Paris-Moscow Express,  Beijing to Lhasa Train Journey, A Rossiya Train Journey, The Indian Pacific Train Journey are famous excursion rails across the world. 

California Zephyr

California Zephyr, a Passenger train operated by Amtrak. It runs between Chicago and San Francisco Bay Area. Amtrak is the second longest route after Texas Eagle in the USA. Before Amtrak, this passenger was maintained by Chicago, Burlington & Quincy (CB&Q), Denver & Rio Grande Western (D&RGW), and Western Pacific railroads. At that time, it was the most populated train in America. This trip needs about 52 hours and runs daily. California Zephyr is $656 for a couple (or two persons).

Incredible Train Journeys That Won't Break Your Budget

The Paris-Moscow Express

The Transeuropean Express, between Paris-Moscow, was operated by Russian Railway Jone. But currently, it was run under European Rail networks. Within 36 hours, the train reaches the City of Love in the Seine and the Capital of Russia Moscow. You can travel in comfortable sleeping cars. It is one of the most excited tourist trains in France. The Paris-Moscow Express is $ 2, 956 for a Couple. It offered deluxe VIP cabin with private shower. 

The Indian Pacific Train Journey

The Indian Pacific, an Australian passenger train that runs between Sydney, on the Pacific Ocean, Perth, and On Indian Ocean. The service was originally operated jointly by the New South Wales Government Railways, South Australian Railways, Commonwealth Railways and Western Australian Government Railways.



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