Kishtwar To Pangi | Pangi Via Kishtwar

Pangi Valley of Himachal Pradesh concealed between Pir Panjal Range and the Zanskar Range. The valley can be accessed via Saach Pass. When the pass closed due to avalanche or heavy snowfall, the alternative way to access the valley is through Kishtwar Road. The Journey undergoes many difficulties. The adventure junkies would certainly enchant the each and every moment in the journey. What you are waiting for?. Go and explore it?. Many thrilling experiences are awaiting you. 

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The road between Kishtwar to Pangi laid through the mountain ledges. The passage of the road is slippery, steep, as well as rocky. Furthermore, it the road passage is narrow. The wide of the road is sufficient for only one car at a time. In case if two cars meet each other. One has to go in a reverse direction for several miles until they meet the road which is wide enough for two vehicles.  

 Pangi Valley

The adventurers can enchant the spectacular views of magnificent mountains, snow-capped mountains, ravines, and Chenab River. Behold the scenic beauty and cherish those moments. 

On the way of the expedition, you can spot the locals Pangwals and Bhot People who reside in those extreme conditions.  The livelihood of the people is agriculture and herding animals. Winter season is the tough time for locals. During this season the entire valley is engulfed with snow and it is segregate form the rest of the world. 


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