The Great Smoky Mountains, United States

The Great Smoky Mountains are mountain range raising long the Tennessee–North Carolina border in the southeast United State. It is a popular foremost visited hill station in the US but not only in this country around the world. The Hill Station has covered with tall and long dense forest trees. Situated at an altitude of 66,458 meters above sea level.

The Great Smoky, a part of International Biosphere Reserve. It also has a famous National Park. Thousands of visitors explored this hill through the entire year. The Ray of Sunlight shining down on the Smoky Mountains at Dawn Medium the most attracted and memorable flashes on this hill station tour.

Best Season To Visit Great Smoky Mountains

The best time to visit the Great Smoky Mountains is Summer and the fall season. July is the busiest month. Thousands of travellers have visited this hill during the peak season.

Flora, Fauna & Tourist Attractions

This mountain is a home to 66 species of Mammals, 250 species of Birds, 43 types of amphibians, Fishes, and Reptiles. It is the most visited tourist spot in the United States.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park is US National Park. It is considered under the UNESCO world heritage site. The park stands at the ridgeline of the Great Smoky Mountains in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Hiking, Sightseeing, Fishing are the most popular activities to do in this national park.

Mount Le Conte, frequently visited destination in the park. Located at an altitude of 6,565 metres above the sea level. It is the perfect spot for a Hiking adventure. Horseback Riding, Bicycling, and Trekking are the known activities for adventure seekers. 


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